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Family Protection

Protection is all about ensuring your family can remain financially independent if the worst should happen. Your income could suffer as a consequence of premature death, serious illness or disability. We can help you ensure that you have sufficient benefits in place to make up this income shortfall. Structuring these benefits in the correct way can also result in substantial tax savings.

Products we advise on:

  • Life Cover/Term Assurance
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Serious Illness Cover
  • Income Protection (PHI)
  • Inheritance Tax Planning

Business Protection

Majority of companies/partnerships have no business protection. Well run companies have employees with experience, knowledge and valuable business contacts. If anything happened these individuals it could result in a massive financial loss which could be catastrophic for the business.

Another important area which falls under business protection is to make sure that money is available on the death of company directors and business owners which would allow the entity in question have sufficient funds to buy out the deceased's estate if this is the agreed approach. The premiums to cover this can be borne by the entity in question.

Products we advise on:

  • Co-Director
  • Key Person Cover
  • Partnership Insurance

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