Home Security Tips

Stay Secure This Winter

It’s that time of the year again, the clocks have gone back & the darker evenings are here. For many of us, the stress of Christmas shopping is already starting to kick in. This time of year is always a hectic period but it’s important to remember this is the busiest time of the year for burglars as well.

Always Secure Your System

The most common times for break-in during the winter months is 5-10pm?

With the majority of winter burglaries occurring when you’re more likely to be home, it couldn’t be more important that you always set the alarm, even when you’re home to the Stay Mode.

Leave a Light On

Make sure it looks like someone is always home by plugging a lamp into a smart plug.

Burglars typically work under the cover of darkness, so they are less likely to be seen and so they can easily monitor houses that are empty. Having no car on the drive or all the lights off for hours on end allows them to know that they can get into that home without being disturbed. Having a smart plug in the house allows you to switch lights on and off easily from an app on your phone.

Don’t Leave Keys Out

One in five burglars break in through an unlocked door or window.

Every winter the Gardaí encourage Irish households to lock up and light up. Although it may seem like a simple home security tip, one in five reported burglaries enter through an unlocked door or window. You should never leave keys in an obvious place like under a welcome mat or plant pots. Burglars know that these are where people usually leave a spare key. Remember even if you forget to lock your doors or windows, once you have armed your alarm, it will activate if someone attempts to break in.


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