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No Deal Brexit – UK Drivers Licence holders Resident in Ireland

UK Drivers Licence Holders resident in Republic of Ireland – Fallout from potential No Deal Brexit

As you are no doubt aware the Brexit negotiation saga continues, with a deal appearing to be out of reach for both the EU and UK.

In the event of a no deal Brexit, UK licences will be invalid in the Republic of Ireland for Irish residents and we recommend that UK licence-holders resident in the Republic of Ireland exchange their UK licence for an Irish licence.

UK licence-holders resident in the Republic of Ireland will need to apply for a full Irish licence and go through the application process. There are potential implications of not swopping to an Irish licence before 31st December 2020 in a no deal scenario.

Implications could include:
Cover does not operate as the driver does not hold a valid licence to drive in the Republic of Ireland
An impact on premium, as the driver would be a “learner” driver and as a learner they would need to be accompanied.
This in turn could impact employment should a full licence be a requirement for a position. There could also be implications for the contract of insurance depending on its terms.

UK licence-holders resident in the Republic of Ireland should be advised to exchange their licence NOW, in case there should be a no deal Brexit.

We strongly recommend that you contact the relevant Licensing Authority for clarification, for your convenience we have included links to :

NDLS Brexit Information
RSA Brexit Information


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